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About BGAP
BG is built by athletes, from local and international professional road and mountain bikers to Olympic athletes and coaches. We understand the industry, the struggles but also the beauty of winning. Our main goal is to help you reach your full potential and be the best you can be. The BGAP program is actively supporting athletes and growing professional endurance sports in South Africa by narrowing the GAP between athletes and sponsors. We offer endurance athletes an opportunity to list their profiles and results on the BGAP platform. All endurance sports, levels and ages are welcome. The only two requirements are passion and determination. 

Benefits of joining BGAP  
In addition to be listed on the BGAP online platform, athletes receive 20% off BG race transport and servicing packages and a minimum of 10% off products on the online store. 

How to sponsor 
Anyone can contribute towards an athlete's career and help grow the sport. From race specific, full sponsorships or general support, click on any athlete's profile and follow the instructions. 

How to join as an athlete 
Bicycle Garage levies a R500 annual administration fee to maintain annual online listings and a 10% sponsorship fee. This ensures that athletes only pay a 10% fee for funds received while incentivising the BGAP team to actively find sponsorships for athletes. In order to join the BGAP program, click 'Join' below, one of the BGAP consultants will contact you within 24 hrs. 

BGAP Star ratings
The BGAP team, analyse and rate athletes using an internal framework that is based on an athlete's overall marketability. The rating is based on current athletic form, past results, prospects, personality, social media following, professionalism and general marketability. 

Terms & conditions
It is the responsibility of sponsors and athletes to read the full terms and conditions that are available on request or by clicking here

If you require more information, please email: