Warranty & Guarantee

When you buy from Canyon, your bike is covered by an extended manufacturer 6 year guarantee in addition to the legally required 2 year warranty. For any claims contact us through the contact page. For more details and specifics click on the button below:



Crash Replacement

In the event of an accident or severe crash, high forces exerted on the frame can lead to structural failure during subsequent use. With our Crash Replacement scheme, you can replace your damaged Canyon frame at a greatly reduced cost. Only valid for the first owner and for a period of three years. Contact us if you have a crash replacement request. For more details on the conditions and procedure click on the button below:

Conditions & Procedures


Spare and Wear Parts

We stock the essential spare parts, available online and from our Stellenbosch and Paarl shops and shipped anywhere in SA. Search for your bike's serial number or the part number to find the right spare parts for your bike, or search for the Exploded View Drawing of your bike. If a more specific spare part are requested, this will be ordered from Germany and can either be included in a monthly bulk order to save shipping costs, or can be ordered individually at a R1500 shipping and clearing fee.

Parts Search Exploded Drawings


Assembling your bike

All Canyon bikes are completely assembled, adjusted and test ridden by expert mechanics. To ship, we remove certain components such as the wheels, seatpost, pedals, and handlebar, attaching them securely to your bike’s frame. Once delivered, assembling your bike is a quick and simple process using the tools and instructions we provide. For step-by-step assistance, watch our unpacking and assembly videos:

Canyon FAQ’s

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