A couple of reasons it is probably time to get you bike serviced...

We all have the same quotes going through our head while riding alone or with mates that we tell ourselves to justify not taking your bike in to the local bike shop for a service or check up. That eary noise that irritates you when putting pressure on the pedals or the constant flat wheel before you go out for a ride.

Here are a couple of tell tale signs that it is time to let an expert have a look at your beloved bicycle.

 These are just a few things that might be a sign that you bike needs to checked at the local bike shop by a mechanic. 


You need to pump your wheel before every ride.

You might have ridden a couple times and all of a sudden your wheel needs to be inflated every time before the ride, you might have had punctures without knowing it and lost some sealant in the process. When you have tubeless wheels and you let your bike stand and not use it for extended periods of time, the sealant evaporates or solidifies in the wheel. This might cause your wheel to lose pressure and need to be checked for a sealant top up.

Your bike is making a funny or irritating noise

Trust me, this is not going to disappear… Leaving it does not solve the problem, it can range from a squeaky bb, worn out pedal to pivots needing some love and attention. Washing your bike might keep it quiet for a short time but it will come back. And your friends will most likely be checking your bike out for the wrong reasons.

The weather is bad and the chances are slim for a nice ride outside

This is a great time to take your bike in for a service, when you know there is a week of bad weather coming up and little chance of riding, take your bike in. In general the bike shops are less busy during winter time and your bike should get the meticulous attention it deserves

Your chain’s wear is at 50%

This is a great indication to get your drivetrain checked. Once your chain reaches the 50% wear mark you it is recommended to get it replaced to increase the longevity of your drivetrain. This might double up on life cycle of your cassette and blades.

You had a play date in some wet and wild conditions

This is probably the easiest way to mess up a whole arrange of parts on your bike. But every now and then we all need some playtime in the mud to refresh your soul and make you feel like there is nothing in the world that can touch you in that moment.

There are plenty more reasons to take your bike in to get serviced, servicing your bike regularly will make the parts last longer and give you smoother rides and less mechanicals in general while training or during your next event.

For the month of July we are offering a free sealant top ups for each major service booked in at our workshop in Paarl.

Dual suspension Major Service : R650.00

Dual suspension minor service: R400.00

Road/gravel or TT Bike : R350.00

Hard Tail MTB: R450.00

Kiddies Bike: R250.00