We have recently received the new range of Black Marlin wheels and have been pleased by their quality and design, especially the mountainbike range of wheels that they have on offer.

They are built with DT Swiss 350 Boost hubs, with Sapim race spokes. The rim only options are available in two options, you can choose between a 28h or 32h option. The Black Marlin Carbon rims have a weight limit of 120kg.

It is also great reassurance from the manufacturer that the Black Marlin wheels comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.

Black Marlin Carbon XC Wheelset

The rim weight comes in at an impressive 310g per rim. A complete wheel set comes in at just over 1400g. The inner width of 25mm makes the tyre sit nice and wide on the wheel which is great if you are looking to go for a wider tyre and some extra traction.

Overall it is a great value for money carbon wheel for the mountain bike if you are looking to shed some weight on your bike. The DT Swiss hubs also makes life allot easier in looking for spares which is quite common in South Africa.

Black Marlin Carbon XC Wheelset

Black Marlin Carbon 6-spoke 29’'

The Black Marlin 6-spoke MTB wheel is a great looking wheel and would add the x-factor to any mountain bike. The profile on these wheels are a bit deeper, which would make them great for one of those flat and fast mtb races or even the longer 100miler races that are getting so popular these days.
They are tubeless ready wheels to fit any of the regular tubeless tyres, inner width of the wheels are 24mm which is still a bit wider than the normal rims. The wheelset comes in at a weight of 1900g which is a bit heavier but considering it is an aero mtb wheel you are likely to gain that advantage if you are doing a flatter race that would suite the profile of these wheels.

Both wheel sets are UCI approved and have been put through the rigorous test trials to assure quality and safety for each rider that purchases a Black Marlin wheel.

I have had the opportunity to use these wheels the past couple of months on a couple fo races. We rode the Tankwa Trek and PE2Plett on the Carbon XC wheel set. They are quite durable and trustworthy considering the good weight they do come in, with the wider tyres it creates a nice rolling feeling with great traction, I would recommend riding the wheels with at least a 2.3 tyre so that the tyre would keep a good rounding shape. A narrower tyre might shape a bit more square which would lead to more rolling resistance.

Black Marlin Carbon XC Wheelset