First impressions: Titan Cypher RS Carbon Team


I recently received one of the new Titan Cypher RS Carbon Team bikes that we will be riding for the rest of the year 2021 and I was pleasantly surprised by these new machines that recently started shaking things up on the competitive market for full carbon racing bikes.

With Titan Racing being a relatively young brand and starting off with entry level mountain bikes, they have evolved and grown into making top of the range full Carbon Mountain bikes that is specked with top of the range group sets at a very affordable price. I was especially intrigued by their 5-year multi-user warranty on bicycles and their lifetime warranty on accessories that showed me they really do have confidence in their products and aim to provide really good quality products to their customers.

Titan cypher Carbon team bicycle

The first couple of rides I was blown away by the comfort and plushness of the suspension combined with the frame. The double bearings at high force pivot points improve lateral suspension stiffness and overall ride quality and that was something I could feel on the first ride up Paarl mountain, the bike climbs really great and locking out the suspension you can be sure not to lose any power going up those steep grades.

The flip chip allows you to customize the bike bikes geometry to the preference of the type of rider you are, turning the chip it can lower or raise the bb by 6mm and adjust the head angle from 69 to 68.5 degrees.

My bike weight at the moment without any customization and all standard fitted parts with a Power2Max power meter came in at 11.3kg, with the extra sealant I threw in for safety, pedals and bottle cages. There is some room to get it under 11kg’s and when racing gets closer I will be sure to shed some weight while I shed some of my own as well.

My personal top features of the frame:

  • Light weight carbon frame
  • Two bottle cages in the frame
  • Flip chip to your preferred riding style
  • Very plush suspension with the Rockshox Sid SL Ultimate front and Rockshox Sidluxe Ultimate One Lock remote rear.

Overall I am looking forward to race this bike for the year and hoping we can justify the great quality carbon bikes Titan Racing has brought to the market.